Join us for complimentary breakfast in our beautiful open air

where you will enjoy spectacular views of the beach and the Golfo Dulce.

Observe Scarlet Macaws do their morning dance in the sky, and listen to the call of the Howler Monkeys and watch them swinging through the trees.


By all the natural wonder that the Osa Peninsula has to offer, and the tranquil beach front atmosphere that you will experience at Agua Dulce Beach Resort.


With the vision of improving the offer of hospitality and adequate food, for a hotel of prestige like Agua Dulce Lodge we propose new offers that will make the stay more pleasant for guests. We seek to offer a series of dishes, mostly of Mediterranean origin, such as pastas that are characterized by being handmade, guaranteeing freshness and good taste, for example: Delicious ravioli with spinach and cheese, ragu or fish.

Also the specialty, the tantalates to the smoked salmon and zuquini. All this with the great opportunity to taste a lunch or dinner with the splendid view to the sea that offers us the imposing nature.

In addition, making available the use of the lounge and pool for different events, such as weddings, celebrations, dinners, among others. Food and hospitality provided by the chef of Italian origin

Enjoy our hotel and relax in our spa.

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