The Osa Peninsula and Agua Dulce Beach Resort have an Adventure for everyone!
High impact, low impact, on land, or on the water, wild and crazy, or a comfortable
stroll, swinging through the trees, or an easy paddle through the mangroves…
There are so many ways to experience the incredible diversity of this Costa Rican Paradise!

Water Tours

  • Dolphin Tour – Take a walk on the wild side…with wild dolphins of course! This guided tour is one of the most popular tours of the Golfo Dulce for obvious reasons: dolphins are amazing! Observe bottle nose and pantropical spotted dolphins in their natural habitat, pelagic sea snakes, sea turtles, vibrant reefs, tropical fish, and breathtaking views that will make you feel like you’re in the movie Jurassic Park! Astonishing!
  • Waterfall Rappelling – Located in Matapalo, you’ll have an instruction session and then the hike to the waterfall, where you will slowly rappel through the cascading cool waters down to a swimming hole. If you are up to the challenge, you can also include a tree climb to your trip, climb up one of the oldest trees in the area, almost 100 feet up into the canopy.
  • Sportfishing – World Class fishing just minutes away…Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo…the list goes on and on! Visit our Fishing Page to learn more about booking your special charter!
  • Surfing – Surf’s up dude! Grab your board and let’s go! Take a lesson with an expert, or go at it on your own. Conditions are excellent from the beginner all the way up to Pro! Surfing can be great right out in front of the resort, but take a drive to Matapalo to experience two world-class right point breaks and all the fun atmosphere of a surf village!
  • KAYAKING – One of our most popular activities! Spend a leisurely few hours paddling. It’s also a great way to see wildlife! The mangrove tour is once per day at high tide, or choose a sunset paddle out on the Golfo Dulce. If you are feeling adventurous, let us send you out for kayak fishing! All three options include equipment and a knowledgeable guide.
  • Osa Wildlife Sanctuary – This rescue, rehabilitate, and release program is a wonderful experience to get up close with wildlife. You’ll receive a guided tour of their facilities, their program, and accomplishments here in Osa and beyond. This tour can be coupled with the Dolphin Tour, or taken as a separate tour on its own. The Sanctuary is located on the shoreline of the Golfo Dulce, on the boundaries of Piedras Blancas National Park and is only accessible by boat.
  • Gold Panning – That’s right…there’s Gold in them rivers!! Take a tour up the Rio Tigre (Tiger river) and watch the gold panning community do their work. Then try your hand at panning for your own gold as you are instructed on the finer points of sifting sand and rocks to work your way down to your fortune. This is the real deal… after all, this area was founded on gold mining!

Ground Tours

HIKING – The list of options for hiking on the Osa Peninsula is almost endless.
However, there are several guided tours that we highly recommend.

  • MATAPALO WATERFALL HIKE – This guided tour begins early morning with an hour drive south where you will see many birds and other animals. The hike begins with an easy walk along the beach road where monkeys and birds abound. The hike to the waterfall is beautiful, and once you’re there take a dip in the cool water! Refreshing!
  • CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARK – The “Crown Jewel of Costa Rica’s Park System.” There are so many options for visiting Corcovado, that we want to personally guide you to enjoy its wonders. Contact us to start planning your adventure!
  • LA TARDE HIKE – This tour with legendary local guide and biologist Mike Boston takes you to a private reserve high above Corcovado National Park near the Los Patos entrance. The most informative and entertaining tour, as Mike Boston brings the jungle alive with his unique blend of knowledge and his thrilling adventures on Osa! Fun!
  • NOCTURNAL HIKE – This guided tour leaves right from the resort and introduces you to the creepy crawly and slippery wildlife that has been sleeping all day. Frogs, insects, lizards, snakes and all manner of night time wildlife can be seen. Eye Opening!

  • ZIP LINE CANOPY TOUR – Fly through the canopy of the tropical rainforest on this thrilling adventure! Check out the photos and get ready for fun! This is a morning or afternoon tour and can be taken together with the chocolate tour (below) or as a separate excursion. Tour is 2 hours and includes training and a certified guide.
  • CHOCOLATE TOUR – Finca Kobo is owned and operated by a “sweet” local family. On your tour, you will observe how the cacao plant is grown, harvested, and processed into sweet and delicious chocolate! This is an educational and fun tour that of course ends with…a tasting feast! Yum!
  • HORSEBACK RIDE – Giddy up! Take a gallop through the surf on the beach, then go and explore the area with your new friend and your knowledgeable guide. Horses are a tradition here in Costa Rica and many still use them for herding their cattle, and on special occasions a parade through town with pageantry. Tours have a duration of about 3 hours.
  • BIRD WATCHING – The Osa Peninsula is home to more than 400 species of birds including the Scarlet Macaw. Take a short drive up to Dos Brazos where you will take a 3-hour morning bird walk. Observe 50-60 species, some have spotted over 100 species! There are always a variety of active nests, and your hike includes primary forest, secondary forest, mature and immature, pasture, lagoons, river flood plain and mountain areas. The terrain is steep in some places, which helps in viewing the canopy birds.
  • CARATE BIRD SANCTUARY – Take a beautiful and adventurous drive to the tiny area known as Carate where you can visit this incredible project. A rehabilitation, rescue, release, and incubation project for nesting rare and endangered birds. This is a very special program and important to the area Scarlet Macaw flocks.